CEO greetings

Let’s make precious values by being a light to humanity!

hank you to all those visiting HAE WOO M&A CO.,LTD. homepage.

Since its establishment in 1989, HAE WOO M&A CO.,LTD.will strive to become a leading company in the food business field that renews the world's best through ceaseless research and development.

HAE WOO M&A CO.,LTD. cultivates and produces valuable agricultural ingredients that are often served on our table, such as dried kimchi, dried cabbage, dried carrots, dried green leaves, and red pepper powder, which are raw materials for ramen soup.

With a sense of duty as a Korean and the belief that healthy and safe ingredients must be made at “good prices,” we have been cultivating and producing ingredients at domestic and overseas factories for over 30 years.

We have been looking for fertile land overseas where there is a lack of infrastructure, and following our factory in China in 1992, we are currently operating the largest factory in Asia in terms of dried agricultural products in Myanmar. Since it is a precious gift from the soil, we believe that our children, parents, and the people should be able to safely eat it.

In an era of rapid and diversified chaos, the whole world is facing trials with soaring prices. Agricultural ingredients are a precious resource amid the bad news of high prices in Korea under the resource war. We will become a company that provides the right food to our table.